don’t stay in school

Although at first glance the message seems to be: “don’t stay in school anymore”, if you try to listen and understand the lyrics, you realize that the message differs, it is about school and what pupils learn, many things taught in school are useless, cannot be used in real life, day by day. And the guy, Dave- Boyinaband, seems to me a brilliant person. And he attended school. You will find here the song, a few parents’ comments, and his comments regarding the others opinion about his song. You can see also his studies. I know it takes time and probably you don’t have, but sincerely it deserves your attention. If not today, maybe you can return at this article tomorrow. I have wanted to post more but you can find by yourself all the articles regarding this song and, in order to understand it, you should listen and read

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super advert

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an inspired advert. It is super, from what goes and what gets 🙂  (you will see below) I have motorcycle licence I have motorcycle licence, but I’ve been always afraid to use the motorcycle in Bucharest where the traffic is a mess. I used to ride my motorcycle only in weekends when there were fewer cars on the streets. And I was at two rock concerts with my motorcycle only for fun 🙂 The adrenaline was released by my fear of accidents not by the feeling of freedom. And another problem is given by the roads, the bumps, any sudden maneuver could be fatal. I am not a coward person, but my survival instinct and the fact that I am mum and I have a child made me to say stop it; it took me two years to give up for

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A few interesting things about Saint Nicholas

It’s been a long time since my childhood has past but I still feel that feeling of joy and fun before Christmas. I like the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree is  present in my house every year, each corner of my house is decorated.  I like buying gifts for my family and friends, thinking of everyone wishes. I like packing them nicely and I put all of them under the tree. And it would be even nicer if it would snow on Christmas eve 🙂 It is said that: Winter really begins on Saint Nicholas Day. This character comes on a white horse, the symbol of the snow in December, and when he comes he shakes off his beard and if it doesn’t snow on 6th of December, it’s said that the Saint has rejuvenated. Saint Nicholas brings secret gifts for children, the tradition is to hang up socks

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Halloween in Cardiff

Anytime I visit a place, a country, I like to explore and discover the places, people, their traditions, food, everything that is new for me. And I recommend you to explore everything, food, drink, sex, customs, culture, games, music, work, fun, anything you can. In this way you will have more experience, knowledge, you should try new tastes, new feelings, live every moment in different way, and break the daily routine. You will find a lot of wonderful things that deserve to be experienced. It’s true that sometimes you can fail but this means also experience. So, just experience the Halloween 🙂 during the day So let’s go to Cardiff and Halloween. Firstly, many events have been inside the Cardiff Castle all this week; today and tomorrow is The Highwayman, an interactive show, that attracts many tourists and not only. I took part in the hunting together with the masked

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Colectiv - emigration

Colectiv – another way of emigration

I wasn’t there in that evening; I have no right to give my opinion on what has happened there. But I have the right to think that, what happened there, in Colectiv, in that night, represents a small part of their plan of our extermination – slowly and systematic, a plan used for many years. And we take part in it helping them to come to an end. Please remark that I use “we” because I’ve been part of it; now I am trying hardly to detach myself from it. “go and don’t look back anymore” I repeat every time I have an occasion – send your kids to study abroad. Now I am convinced about this more than ever. When they will leave the country please tell them what I told my son: “ go and don’t look back!” Sincerely I regret I have been right but Romania has

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shopping in Cardiff – III – Victoria’s Secret

Victoria ‘s Secret I don’t need any introduction to this article 🙂  Here, in  this store, is a delirium, a madness. Don’t miss this store if you go to Cardiff, London or anywhere in UK – there are 18 stores. Do not miss it, it should be on your list. Not only museums, castles, etc. You should visit Victoria’s Secret store too. You will say I am a paranoid person, but I am not. I would have thought the same if someone would have told me before about the store. It happened some time ago, when a friend of mine, whenever she returned from USA, was very excited about Victoria ’s Secret. Yes, ok, I listened to her, I didn’t understand what could be so excited in a store full of bras, panties and cosmetics, I let her enjoy it, I listened but that was all. On the other hand,

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open letter to Facebook

Mr. Facebook, you celebrate 2 billion users, but I am completely unsatisfied by the buttons/ emoticons available in the bottom bar. I am talking about like, love, haha, wow, sad, angry buttons. If you do something do it well. How could I manage with only 5 emoticons? I have more feelings and I can’t express them using only 5 emoticons. I think it would be better to have only like button, I use it when I like something and I don’t use it when I don’t like it. It would be easier. I know there are many lists of emoticons but every time I need one I waste time looking for it and I am bound to post it as a comment. In the same time I have to choose one of those 5 emoticons in order to appreciate that post in any way. Mr. Facebook, my intention is to

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thank you!

I can’t believe it, you are more than a few friends of mine who know about this blog and read it, some people are curious, others for my pleasure, others for their pleasure. I haven’t thought that what I write here is so interesting for you. I have started the blog because of a huge frustration; I could not scream what had happened to me and because screaming was impossible, I started to write my thoughts. The truth is that writing is my strength, my essays in school were appreciated by the teachers and I wanted to follow the philology courses but it was hard for me to stay and deepen the knowledge, I am active and logic. And I have thought it is time to follow my pleasure of writing. I don’t know if I do it well or not, the truth is that I like it and I

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Answer for a frustrated medical resident

I’ve decided to write this article after I read a “complaint” published by AK – 24 and written by a medical resident: “A doctor’s angry message – What means when you give 5 RON to a hairdresser after a haircut – this is not a tip? The young residents’ dramatic stories”. You can find the article here. Humiliations A young doctor says that she hasn’t heard before starting medicine that the doctors are humiliated and their salaries are low. So, young doctor, I will tell you exactly how things are going: first of all, I don’t care your salary, it’s your choice to be a doctor and you have to practice medicine conscientiously or you have to give up this job and start another one paid better. Then, you have to take care of patients no matter your salary, you have taken the Hippocratic’ oath and I don’t think this

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Emergency Hospital of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burns or the former “Steaua” maternity hospital, the place where the inferno begins

Yes, the hospital for burns is the former “Steaua” maternity hospital. I don’t know exactly when, but it doesn’t matter, after 1995, the State has changed the maternity hospital in burn hospital. Is just the same building, but with other medical specialty. I will write a few articles about this subject, you will find the title of the last article at the beginning of each article to see the connection between them. Let’s start. They didn’t have water. A terrible mess The truth is that, in 1992, when I gave birth to my baby, I was there, in that hospital. Shall I tell you how was inside the hospital? First of all, there was no water. NO WATER!!! In a maternity hospital? The hospital was connected to water distribution system but only a few hours per day, someone should have filled all the containers with water in that short period of

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