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victorias-secretVictoria ‘s Secret

I don’t need any introduction to this article 🙂  Here, in  this store, is a delirium, a madness. Don’t miss this store if you go to Cardiff, London or anywhere in UK – there are 18 stores. Do not miss it, it should be on your list. Not only museums, castles, etc. You should visit Victoria’s Secret store too. You will say I am a paranoid person, but I am not. I would have thought the same if someone would have told me before about the store. It happened some time ago, when a friend of mine, whenever she returned from USA, was very excited about Victoria ’s Secret. Yes, ok, I listened to her, I didn’t understand what could be so excited in a store full of bras, panties and cosmetics, I let her enjoy it, I listened but that was all. On the other hand, I should admit that, for 17 years, I use only Victoria ’s Secret linen, I am not a snob, it is another reason: long time ago I couldn’t find easily a DD size bra, the equivalent of E size. There were only a few horrible bra models, white, black or beige, in certain stores (for example Mark&Spenser) and very expensive. I would have liked colored bras and panties not white, black or beige. Now we find in Romania too but I’ve used to buy from Victoria’s Secret, I like them very much and the prices are ok, not very expensive (if you have patience you can find advantageous offers) 🙂

as in a museum

Let’s get back to Victoria’s Secret museum 🙂 . In the store window they have posters with beautiful girls and a big screen where you can see their show from Paris. The store has 5 rooms, 3 of them full of bras and panties, all sizes, colors and models. All!!! The panties are from XS to XL and the bras from 30 A to 40 DDDD (you can find on their website the list with the international sizes). They are presented on mannequins or you can find them on shelves. Under these shelves they have many drawers, the size is written on them. You can stay there as long as you want, you can see all the models, you choose a color or more and then you search in the drawers the right size. You can find the size or not… there are some shop assistants there, you can ask for help, they smile and cooperate with the clients but generally, their answer is “ sorry, it is out of stock”.  Now, after 2 years of living here, I know them and I ask for help only to find out where they go to look for, and then, if I really want something I go there and start looking for that model by my own; I have 90 % chances to find what I want 🙂 . These girls, the shop assistants, are too relaxed and don’t look for you or the other clients in all the store. This happens everywhere, not only in UK, …no comments… the difference is that here these girls are nice and smiley, in Romania they have a sour face in most of the cases.

Let’s get back. As I’ve said there are 3 rooms with bras and panties, any model you want, from special models made of lace and mesh, to classical models made of cotton, sport models, all the colors. The same with the panties, all the models, all types of material, all colors.

Pink collection

There is a separate room for pink collection where you find panties, bras, other types of underwear – sport bras, tops, sport vests, clothes for sleep, a lot of things, I won’t mention all of them. And a room of this store is not like an usual room, it has the size of a shop; in fact Victoria’s Secret store has almost 1000 mp (10 000 sq ft = 929 mp ) 🙂


In the last room you find the cosmetics and the check-outs. They are strategically placed in the last room, in order not to miss anything. I would recommend the body lotions with different scents, the skin has a discrete scent after using the lotion. There are also lipsticks, with or without Victoria’s Secret trinket, body sprays, perfumes, etc. There is a huge screen in this room where you can see Victoria’s Secret shows. It’s impressive.

Usually they have all kind of offers: you buy 2 items and 2 are for free or you buy 2 items at half price, or you buy 2 items and receive a little gift, or 5 panties at a X price and so on.

Sincerely I recommend,  go there as in a museum. But, if a woman enters in such a store it is impossible to go out without buying something. At a museum you buy a souvenir, you can’t touch the items, the exhibits, so this comparison is not too good. At a museum you enjoy art, culture and you go out delighted of what you’ve seen inside. But believe me, this store is special, I don’t know how to say it, but inside it you have a good feeling of beauty, of delight. Maybe I have this feeling because of the former Communist system, maybe those who have grown seing this store in mall since childhood are not so excited. Anyway, for me, a visit to Victoria’s Secret store represents a kind of therapy  🙂

Image result for victoria's secret fitting room policythe fitting rooms

I have forgotten about the fitting rooms. Firstly, I’ll tell you that the fitting rooms show the Victoria’s Secret luxury and extravagance. Secret. Everything is pink here, a strident pink, with black, many mirrors, each fitting room having a name “Secret”, “Fashion” 🙂 and so on, One of the girls has the keys, she counters your items, opens a door and invite inside to try on them. I got the “Desire” fitting room. Inside the same colors, it was written on the wall:“Disposable Hypoallergenic Panty”, this means you can try the panties safely, and on the mirror: “Love & Kisses” 🙂 . If you want another size the girl asks for it by walkies talkie (all the assistants in the store have a walkies talkie and they communicate). And she will bring you another size if it is not “out of stock”, but, in order not to wait you should take two sizes with you inside the fitting room and you choose the good one. You save time in this way.

an advice for ladies

Ladies, go to Victoria ’s Secret store alone not with your boyfriend or husband. It’s useless, there were a few men when I was there, they were using their smart phones, propping up the wardrobes, getting bored waiting for their wives. It is not a place for them, let them go to a coffee bar, or they can wait sitting down on one of the benches inside the mall area. They won’t be stressed and you won’t be stressed to see them helpless, moving around in order not to hamper the other women in the store. If you go alone, you can seek items quietly, without any stress or any rush. Enjoy your time spent in this store, you will not regret 🙂

an advice for gentlemen

If you want to make a surprise to your girlfriends or wives  buy something from Victoria’ Secret but do not look for it alone, the only thing you should know is the size, you go to Victoria’s Secret store and tell the assistant what you want and your budget and she will show you what they have giving you some advice. Or you can buy a gift card but believe me it won’t have the same result as a present box. The women are excited to open a box and see what you have bought for her. If you have imagination is better, think about what you would like for your girl or wife, how would fit on  her body. It will always represent a gift suitable for any occasion, it will surely bring appreciations and delight 🙂

In conclusion, I recommend Victoria ’s Secret website, they offer more sizes and models, if you know the size it is easier to make an order. The only disadvantage is that you should pay the transport. It would be better to find two or three persons willing to buy from Victoria’s Secret and you share the transport price and you can benefit their offers too. But don’t miss the store, it’s not the same, the pleasure is to touch the items, to see all of them, to go inside the fitting rooms and so on….ladies, you know what I mean 🙂

And their store in Cardiff is not too big, the one in Birmingham is impressive, I’ve seen a video presentation of Victoria ’s Secret store in Birmingham (the store in Cardiff is recently opened) it’s huge. Enjoy the video presentation 🙂


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