Colectiv - emigration

Colectiv – another way of emigration

Colectiv - emigration
Colectiv – emigration

I wasn’t there in that evening; I have no right to give my opinion on what has happened there. But I have the right to think that, what happened there, in Colectiv, in that night, represents a small part of their plan of our extermination – slowly and systematic, a plan used for many years. And we take part in it helping them to come to an end. Please remark that I use “we” because I’ve been part of it; now I am trying hardly to detach myself from it.

“go and don’t look back anymore”

I repeat every time I have an occasion – send your kids to study abroad. Now I am convinced about this more than ever. When they will leave the country please tell them what I told my son: “ go and don’t look back!” Sincerely I regret I have been right but Romania has no chance. After the Revolution of 1989, I had the opportunity of moving to America for good. I didn’t do it hoping something would change in Romania, although it would be slowly. I have been hoping and I’ve been waiting for 25 years. Now I regret because at this moment I am 50 years old not 25, it’s a big difference. Do you think I could learn now in the same rhythm as of a 25-years-old student? Masters, all kind of courses, essays? No. But I do it because the English society accepts you faster and more easily when you are a student or you are attending a master; you have a status, you have a GP (general practitioner), a banking account, an insurance number (NINO).

 NOTHING will change

Do you think of any change after this tragedy in Colectiv? No, you can shout as much as you want, you can make silent protests or you can start shouting slogans, NOTHING will change. What has changed after the Revolution of 1989? Yes, the supermarkets are full of products, we are free of traveling all around the world; we can have companies, more or less profit, we have as partner the State with more than 50 %, but, however,  we live in a hardly described ”mud”. This “mud” who started the protest of miners, who has inaugurated 10 km of highway ( Croatia has 5000 km of highway in 5 years),who has pleaded no guilty in case of Huidu’s car accident, or in case of Oprea, etc., who does not appreciate the doctors, the teachers and so on. We see, we know but we do nothing. We can’t, we don’t want, we do nothing. All of us indulge in this situation, being more or less satisfied with what we have, being afraid of not losing anything, materially speaking, we live in this mud, and although we protest against them, we do not have competent people to replace them.

Please, answer honestly at this question: How many of you voted for Vadim as president in order not to let Iliescu be again the President of Romania? But we can use any name, the result is the same, it doesn’t matter who is President.

 This is the System

Many people died during our Revolution, in 1989. Why should I believe in a change now? Sincerely I would like not to be right. But I can’t believe anymore in a change regarding Romania. What it should happen – all of us should leave this country – but this is impossible- let the rich ones steal each other, because there wouldn’t be the fools anymore to pay the taxes. But this is unreal, many doctors are abroad, many nurses too. Who suffers?  We, of course! Because the rich one go abroad when they have health problems. If one of us needs a transfer in a hospital from abroad, there is a great risk of dying before all the necessary approvals are ready. I don’t know how many teachers have left the country, but there are a lot of teachers who have decided to change their job in order to live decently. We blame the teachers, but, with a few exceptions within good high schools, the others are incompetent. What about the young generations, do they have good examples? I don’t think so.  What is promoted by media? The illiteracy, the bitches, the gypsies and they have rating. There are a lot of Romanians who don’t watch TV, good for them! Some of them have the nerve to comment in a shameful and aberrant manner what has happened in Colectiv. Huidu, the moralist wolf, has had the cheek to tell us who was guilty. Huidu, the man who killed people in a car accident, he is free, not in jail. He is back with his TV show. Is anybody who boycotts his show? Who? Or another example is Mrs. Barabancea. Who is she? She sings and she has musical talent. So what? Her foolishness and stupidity eclipse her talent. Is there anybody who will boo her when she will sing on a scene? Who? And the examples could go on. The final conclusion: those who will boo Huidu’s show or Mrs Barabancea on a scene will change this system too. But who are these people? Many people left the villages, they are under populated now. Most of the people work in agriculture in other countries, sending money in Romania. They earn more money and they have a better life. Who are those who will never leave Romania? Those who work for ANAF, DNA (National Anticorruption Department), they are educated to work for this system. How many of you could work in these institutions? How many of you could give fines to small companies in order to cover the budget holes made by the rich ones, those who have the power in this country? Why is not possible for the rich people to pay taxes, to give back what they have stolen? No, we are the country of the well done things. The Police cover the ones who steals, the pickpockets. The policemen do not interfere in case of an aggression. No one is guilty, no one pays for damages and so on. I had an incident in the centre of Bucharest. The Police stayed away until I told them it was about beating, aggression. They were Policewomen, they had children at home, but useless. Those who work as policemen are young people who have come in Bucharest from villages being proud of living in a big city. Their chief tried to ensure me that the case would be solved but nothing happened as usual.

Have you ever thought of that woman, Maria Ion? She was working there, in that club, without labor contract. Why? Because the taxes are great and the salary is not so big in this activity, so, many people choose to work without contract. This system makes us find solutions for not paying the taxes, but sometimes we pay with our life. If the state finds you working without labor contract who is responsible for this? Firstly, you are, then the employer. The owners of the club have tried to hush up everything in order not to pay a big fine, or more, to close the Club. In case of Colectiv, there were 3 owners, one of them had had others clubs with problems in past. Costin Mincu had been the owner of Elephant Club – it happened in 2014 when it burnt and during that incident a fireman had been wounded and many people had been in danger because of the fire. He had been the owner of Goblin Terrace, in Vama Veche – it burnt 5 years ago. Now Colectiv, the same owner, the same circumstances but the tragedy was great. Are there any coincidences? Maybe, the coincidences are allowed by the system. And how does the owner pay for this tragedy? What are the measures taken by Iohannis? He gives medals post mortem, very good, but useless. Those people died and no medal could bring them back. Could I believe in a change anymore in this country? No. And what about corruption?

And there is something more. Who started the Revolution in 1989? A reformed pastor. Who came for a pray at Colectiv? A catholic priest. These things say more than any other comments.

 It is not only my case, other people talk too

This is not only my opinion. I know that many people agree with my words (at least those within my group of friends) and there are a lot of people who shout helpless at their children trying to make them leave this country.

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 Any change?

There is still a question: do you think that the death of those people in Colectiv could bring any change in Romania? NO!!! My advice is: RUN, as fast as you can.

People who work earnestly are appreciated all over the world, excepting our country. You work hardly in order to offer your children a better life, a chance to live in a better place. It’s not easy, you should learn the language, the culture, different customs, another way of life. It’s not easy, especially when you have all the conditions in your country. But, instead of living in a country where the rockers are considered satanists, where learning means prostitution and robbery, where people die in clubs, where every attempt of doing something good is obstructed (excepting the rich ones), where corruption is the sole constant, where everything can be bought or redeemed? Who could redeem the life of those people who died in Colectiv?

 However, let’s just deceive and say that those who died in Colectiv emigrated to a better place.

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