A few interesting things about Saint Nicholas

mos-nicolaeIt’s been a long time since my childhood has past but I still feel that feeling of joy and fun before Christmas. I like the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree is  present in my house every year, each corner of my house is decorated.  I like buying gifts for my family and friends, thinking of everyone wishes. I like packing them nicely and I put all of them under the tree. And it would be even nicer if it would snow on Christmas eve 🙂

It is said that:

  • Winter really begins on Saint Nicholas Day. This character comes on a white horse, the symbol of the snow in December, and when he comes he shakes off his beard and if it doesn’t snow on 6th of December, it’s said that the Saint has rejuvenated.
  • Saint Nicholas brings secret gifts for children, the tradition is to hang up socks for these gifts. Long time ago the poor children were finding coins; in the night between 5th and 6th of December the monks and nuns were preparing gifts for poor people and then they were letting them at the door secretly.
  • Saint Nicholas died on 6th of December 343, being a Greek bishop. Part of his relics are in Romania, Arges county, Aninoasa monastery.
  • The popular belief says Saint Nicholas has chosen the day of December, the 6th because this day represents the moment when the charms, spells and curses go away. They will not appear anymore until the New Year comes.
  • On December the 6th people use to cut branches from the fruit trees and put them in water in a warm place. If these branches come into leaf and make green until the New Year’s Eve, they say that the next year will be fruitful. In the same manner, but with a different signification, it is the branch or stick received by the disobedient children. If it will make green until Christmas, it means that Saint Nicholas facilitates the child’s forgiveness. Do you realize how much fear is in that child’s soul all the period until Christmas? 🙂  Actually, if it makes green it means that all the sins are forgiven and Christmas will come with many true gifts. It seems that people use branches from apple trees.
  • Saint Nicholas supervises the Sun who tries to go to North stealthly. In this way Saint Nicholas takes care for the people to have light and heat.
  • Saint Nicholas is the protector of the sailors, the soldiers in war, the widows, the orphans and the poor girls who want to marry.

How is celebrated Saint Nicholas around the world

Greece: The name Nicholas is composed of two Greek words “nike” = ” victory” and “laos” = “people”, this means “man who is part of a victorious people/nation”. For the Greek people this holiday is one of the most loved because for them, Saint Nicholas is the protector of their country and sailors so, all the Greek boats have an icon with this Saint on board. On Christmas day Greek people turn on white and blue lights on boards and in all harbors.

Holland: According to the legends, Saint Nicholas is the protector of the sailors, so, in the night between 5th and 6th of December, all the sailors come ashore for the church service. It seems that this tradition is observed for hundreds of years.  People say that in Holland, Saint Nicholas comes a few weeks earlier checking up if the children are obedient and what gifts they want.  He comes on a steam boat, every year changing the place. In that place people organize impressive parades. He is welcomed by the officials and the obedient children receive little bags with chocolate coins, the disbedient children receive little bags with salt. In Holland Saint Nicholas has an assistant called Zwarte Pirt “Black Peter”, children are afraid of him.

Czech Republic: There are processions where Saint Nicholas ( Svati Mikulas), who brings gifts, is accompanied by a devil, whose mission is to take the disbedient children and an angel who knows and tells the good things done by children during the whole year. The obedient children find in their shoes toys and candies, the others only raw potatoes.

Saint Nicholas comes to Hungarian children too. It is called Mikulas. Usually, Saint Nicholas or Mikulas brings sweets to the Hungarian children.

In Romania over 800.000 people named Nicolae, Nicoleta celebrate their name day. Happy Name Day! Good health and hope you‘ve found a lot of presents in your shoes.

I’ve found a documentary about Saint Nicholas.. It’s nice and interesting. I found some new things. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂



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