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classy002It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such an inspired advert. It is super, from what goes and what gets 🙂  (you will see below)

I have motorcycle licence

I have motorcycle licence, but I’ve been always afraid to use the motorcycle in Bucharest where the traffic is a mess. I used to ride my motorcycle only in weekends when there were fewer cars on the streets. And I was at two rock concerts with my motorcycle only for fun 🙂 The adrenaline was released by my fear of accidents not by the feeling of freedom. And another problem is given by the roads, the bumps, any sudden maneuver could be fatal. I am not a coward person, but my survival instinct and the fact that I am mum and I have a child made me to say stop it; it took me two years to give up for good. The weather in our country is not good for riding a motorcycle; during summer it is very hot and very hard to wear the protective gear and the helmet. During autumn and winter it rains most of the time and the roads are wet.

 Exam with the policeman behind me

I was part of the last generation who gave the exam with the policeman behind. Not on my back, although that was my feeling in that moment, but on the motorcycle saddle, behind me. I was a little stressed, but I managed the situation and I made him getting off my motorcycle faster. Before starting the examination I asked him if he had a life assurance. And he asked me, a little bothered, if I had any special intention. Of course I hadn’t, but for me it was vital to have a good life assurance in case of such a job. Anyway the result of that conversation was he wanted to get rid of me quickly 🙂 It was a difficult exam: theoretical testing, practice in polygon and route. I have never forgotten what he told us: beware in traffic, no one will protect you from accidents! Perfectly true, but, from my point of view, there are many suicide drivers. I pay attention (I am more careful since I’ve passed that motorcycle exam) but I am still surprised of what is happening in traffic .

But, although I don’t ride a motorcycle anymore, I don’t have one, I have a great advantage, namely: anytime a policeman stops me (most of the time because I talk to my phone while driving) and see the A category on my driving licence he becomes more lenient, indulgent, and I feel good. I felt proud when a policeman told me that he hadn’t succeeded in obtaining the A category licence since that moment. And I got rid of any fine, only a warning 🙂 I can say that it was a good advert for me 🙂

Let’s see the advert! Enjoy! 🙂

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