How to choose a name for your blog?

It’s very, very difficult. First attempt to find a name for my blog… The first choice was “punctedevedere“ (points of view). The idea was to write about everything, life experience, opinions about all kind of staff or about persons. That title seemed very good for me, maybe a little journalistic, but it had been already used by someone else. Following the same idea I thought “ punctedevederelavedere” (points of view on sight), but it is too long for a blog title. Then, I chose “coolsirecul” (cool and recoil) but I had two problems, it didn’t look good and the word “recul” (recoil) according to DEX represents a movement back and it didn’t represent my character, it didn’t seem cool for me. A gave up. Another title “regireginesivagine” (queens kings and vaginas) but I hadn’t enough courage to use it, it seemed excellent for me, but I didn’t want to be

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