Emergency Hospital of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burns or the former “Steaua” maternity hospital, the place where the inferno begins

spitalul de arsiYes, the hospital for burns is the former “Steaua” maternity hospital. I don’t know exactly when, but it doesn’t matter, after 1995, the State has changed the maternity hospital in burn hospital. Is just the same building, but with other medical specialty. I will write a few articles about this subject, you will find the title of the last article at the beginning of each article to see the connection between them. Let’s start.

They didn’t have water. A terrible mess

The truth is that, in 1992, when I gave birth to my baby, I was there, in that hospital. Shall I tell you how was inside the hospital? First of all, there was no water. NO WATER!!! In a maternity hospital? The hospital was connected to water distribution system but only a few hours per day, someone should have filled all the containers with water in that short period of time. Warm water? No away. No disinfection, no washing of the gynecological tables. There was someone who poured water with a cup and nothing more. Horrible. The newborns were washed with water poured with a cup, probably no sterilized, the same cup. Cold water or room temperature water and it was November. I haven’t seen such a mess in my life. A maternity hospital? No words for describing that place; there is nothing more horrible and hateful in this world. That experience marked my existence for ever. I will tell you about the doctors from that hospital.

Women were dying because of a request, a simple document

My doctor was a woman, she was ok. I gave her a lot of money for those times. I wanted a normal birth not a Caesarean one, but it didn’t happen so easily. I didn’t made an application for Caesarean birth and the director of the hospital decided for me to give birth normally if there was no application signed by me. Obviously, being a gynecologist, he knew my medical situation, but he didn’t want to talk to me. That was the law, who knows what person was, what education had or the way through which he had received the post of Director in that hospital, probably he was from Security services, the Communist secret services. In that moment my doctor, knowing the risks in my case, told him that she wouldn’t assume the responsibility for the patient’s and the newborn’s life. It would be his responsibility. Of course when it came to responsibility regarding patient’s life, he signed the documents for Caesarean surgery. He didn’t want to be involved as it happens today too, no one is responsible for anything. I have to check if he is still alive, to go and ask him how many women or babies have died because of his stupid decisions. And that was not all, my doctor came and told me that he would be in the surgery room, as the second hand/doctor so he was waiting for money before Caesarean surgery. And I gave money to him, I hadn’t any other solution, although I was in a critical condition, being in danger of losing the baby. And then, not having enough time for an aesthetic section they decided to do a big c-section on my abdomen in order to save the baby’s life. And I paid for that C-section.

And now, a young doctor comes and tells us that she hasn’t heard before about the doctors’ miserable salaries. Doctor, I’ll tell you here how things are going on, it is a shit, the truth is different.

A neonatologist

Let’s back to “Steaua” maternity hospital, a miserable place. After that nightmare, it followed the “neonatologist” nightmare. When they told me start walking, after 2 days from the C-section, taking into account that I had a big C-section, I went to see my baby in the newborns room. They didn’t allow to take the newborn from there although the conditions were miserable as in the whole hospital, no sterile environment. It was no water for washing your hands, neither for toilet (the toilets were in a deplorable state). The neonatologist, a bad and disgusting lady, came and told me bluntly that my baby had problems and she was not sure if he would survive or if he would survive and grow up, his health would be ok. In that moment I felt she cut the ground from under my feet. I kept my balance, I don’t know how I could, I didn’t say a word, I took my baby and I checked his body. I couldn’t find any sign of suffering, I saw his body was ok, he had still the green peeled skin because the nurses hadn’t washed him. I stayed there, holding him in my arms, suffering in silence, I had tears in my eyes. And I thought that my baby skin hadn’t been washed in those 2 days after my Caesarean. After a while the nurses took him from my arms, they sent me back to my bed where I continued suffering and crying in silence. When I managed to calm myself a little, another mum came and asked me if I was at the neonatologist. I told her what had happened and she advised me to go back to the neonatologist with money (tip). I didn’t know what to do. I gave her money and next day the same neonatologist changed her attitude, she explained to me how well was my baby, he was out of danger, etc. That ugly neonatologist had no embarrassment; her behavior had suffered a radical change after I had given money to her. I started the breastfeed, I studied my baby while breastfeeding, counting his fingers and toes, touching every part of his skin to be sure that everything was ok. And now, I have a big, smart and handsome boy; he has grown up normally, no major problems, only the childhood diseases. I left that horrible hospital after 5 days and I had never come back there, no relationship with those doctors or other persons working there. I tried to forget that experience, but the neonatologist words remained in my memory for a long time. I avoided to talk about that place, only a few persons knew about what had happened. But seeing at TV what has happened at the born hospital lately, I have remembered the horrors of “Steaua” maternity hospital. The same after so many years….

The burn hospital, the place where the inferno begins

That place is a center of infection, that place should disappear, the personnel and the doctors should be closed in a room full of worms, being unable to move or fight back, those worms climbing on their bodies – to live and feel what the patients have felt so many years in that hospital. The disinfection and rehabilitation is impossible. It should be rebuilt again after a complete destruction. Otherwise the horrors will continue.

I will repeat until you will get bored: this country has no chance! Please run, go away, anywhere, send your children abroad, don’t let them live the same horrors. I am convinced that each one of you has experienced the horrors of the whole medical state system. There is no future in a country where the medical state system is horrible. And not only the medical system. A human being, who works hard, no matter the education, could live everywhere in this world decently, honestly, feeling the respect of the others. In this country nothing matters. The leaders of this country will never do something for me, for you, for our children, their goal is their well-being.

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