doliu pentru Romania

ieri, Romania a murit definitiv. si nu cred sa mai existe ceva s-o resusciteze. Romania e la fel de anchilozata si de distrusa ca majoritatea sistemelor. si aici ma refer la sistemul de invatamant, la sistemul sanitar, cultura, transporturi s.a.. singurul sistem care mai functiona era acest DNA, desi nici acesta nu avea cine stie ce eficienta. oricum l-au bagat si  pe asta in coma. Romania nu mai e in coma profunda, n-o sa-si mai revina in veci. Romania a murit… definitiv avem de ingropat o tara desi eu nu mai credeam de mult ca se mai poate intampla ceva bun in Romania, sunt profund dezamagita si trista. sunt trista ca si cum mi-ar fi murit cineva drag, foarte drag. pana la urma, azi am inteles de ce era nevoie de catedrala neamului, aveam de ingropat o tara… nu ma mai gandesc de  mult la politica, pentru ca oricat ar

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start a new life

Take a chance to start a new life anytime

Remember, you are your own master! You do not depend on anyone and anything! Leave the place where you feel the others do not want you anymore, a place you do not belong anymore. I’m talking about home, country, job, husband etc. Don’t stay there anymore because the end is the same, now or later. And this means waste of time. Don’t waste your time! Don’t waste your life for something that doesn’t bring you any benefit. Have the courage and power to leave these things behind you, although many years have passed letting the convenience to be more powerful than your satisfaction of being happy and fulfilled. Keep in mind only the beautiful memories, forget those who hurt your soul and leave the place without looking back. I don’t know if anyone will miss you but, after all, no one and nothing is irreplaceable. Think about you Go far

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Few useful advises in kitchen – part I

I’ll have one of my biggest challenges in life this year. I am looking for all kind of tips and things useful in kitchen. Or things useful when you want to do something that could cause a mess in your kitchen. Or tips to refresh the food, or to give it a new commercial face. There are some interesting tips on Internet and I’ve tried to select some of them 🙂 We have a soft cake and we want to cut it in layers. Try the following method and you will have 2 perfect layers, and the cake won’t break anymore: put some toothpicks in the middle of the cake (to mark the place where you want to cut). You have to put them all around. I don’t know how many toothpicks, depends on the cake size. Then hold the unscented dental floss tightly between two fingers and bear down

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Halloween in Cardiff

Anytime I visit a place, a country, I like to explore and discover the places, people, their traditions, food, everything that is new for me. And I recommend you to explore everything, food, drink, sex, customs, culture, games, music, work, fun, anything you can. In this way you will have more experience, knowledge, you should try new tastes, new feelings, live every moment in different way, and break the daily routine. You will find a lot of wonderful things that deserve to be experienced. It’s true that sometimes you can fail but this means also experience. So, just experience the Halloween 🙂 during the day So let’s go to Cardiff and Halloween. Firstly, many events have been inside the Cardiff Castle all this week; today and tomorrow is The Highwayman, an interactive show, that attracts many tourists and not only. I took part in the hunting together with the masked

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