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multumescI can’t believe it, you are more than a few friends of mine who know about this blog and read it, some people are curious, others for my pleasure, others for their pleasure. I haven’t thought that what I write here is so interesting for you. I have started the blog because of a huge frustration; I could not scream what had happened to me and because screaming was impossible, I started to write my thoughts. The truth is that writing is my strength, my essays in school were appreciated by the teachers and I wanted to follow the philology courses but it was hard for me to stay and deepen the knowledge, I am active and logic. And I have thought it is time to follow my pleasure of writing. I don’t know if I do it well or not, the truth is that I like it and I am extremely happy you read what I am writing here.

To be honest, most of the time I write on the spur of my feelings, of what is happening to me or in Romania or in other parts of the world or simply about what seems interesting to me.  Sometimes, after a while, I read my articles, I see things different, from another point of view. I have wanted to change the articles, but it is unfair to change the feelings and the sincerity of that moment. So the articles will remain unchanged, maybe I will write, if I consider necessary, another article with what I feel. But I will not change the content, only the mistakes, literally mistakes; I will add tags, categories, etc.

I am not familiar with the blog. Some people send me messages, others read the articles constantly. I don’t know exactly how to manage these things but I promise I will learn and I will answer to you. (I have to meet my friend again in order to explain me all the details regarding the use of a blog). I really don’t know right now. I am not a conceited person who doesn’t want to communicate. Sorry, I will do my best to learn and start to communicate with you, those who read my articles and send messages; my intention is to have also this English version of this blog, but I need help. We’ll see.

Thank you! 🙂



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