Halloween in Cardiff


Anytime I visit a place, a country, I like to explore and discover the places, people, their traditions, food, everything that is new for me. And I recommend you to explore everything, food, drink, sex, customs, culture, games, music, work, fun, anything you can. In this way you will have more experience, knowledge, you should try new tastes, new feelings, live every moment in different way, and break the daily routine. You will find a lot of wonderful things that deserve to be experienced. It’s true that sometimes you can fail but this means also experience. So, just experience the Halloween 🙂

during the day

So let’s go to Cardiff and Halloween. Firstly, many events have been inside the Cardiff Castle all this week; today and tomorrow is The Highwayman, an interactive show, that attracts many tourists and not only. I took part in the hunting together with the masked bandit, it was hard to go fast, especially for me (I don’t speak about running), in the castle gardens, but it was nice and funny. I wanted to go and paint my face but I remembered that I had to go out in the centre of the city. Later I was sorry because I realized that many people were painted. In the city, I found a big group of people, I don’t know exactly what they were doing, they walked on the streets, buying all kind of things, they were eating, they were surprised, happy and curious watching the minishows offered by acrobats, singers, puppeteers, nice shows. I watched them with pleasure and I should say that every time I look at these people with admiration and amazement in the same time wondering how they enjoy everything, every moment, they are happy for nothing, they smile. We, Romanians, have forgotten to enjoy the moment, to  look for pleasure any time, anywhere, we have forgotten to smile, we run as desperate as if we miss something, but instead, running means we miss things/ moments that could bring us a smile, a joy. Things are going in their rhythm anyway, it is a waste of time hurrying them.

during the night

A great part of Cardiff population is made up of students, of all nationalities, all ages (a great part between 20-25 years old) and this means that fun is normal with any occasion or event. I went to Cardiff in the center of the city (where the fun is) to taste the Halloween atmosphere.   I walked in the streets in order not to miss something. Well, any event or occasion is good for students to drink, this is their great fun and obviously it doesn’t happen only here in England but everywhere in this world. On my way I met girls painted in many ways, ones were pretty others not, but 80% were dressed and painted for Halloween, with masques, ones looking very well,( it’s incredible how this industry evolves), they prepared for this event long time ago. Here Halloween is an event and they treat it properly. I know that in Romania this event is blamed by many people, ones say it is American, ones that it is Satan’s, many opinions. It is an event like many others, a reason of joy and fun. The centre of the city was full of people, some of them were drunk. You could not feel alone, they were in groups and they were trying to integrate you. They were happy, they were dancing and drinking in the street because the clubs were full, fireworks, many fireworks because if you have + 18 years old you can buy fireworks from everywhere, even from Lidl. I found there a pretty Halloween flower arrangement (3 GBP). I liked it very much. I went to my home around midnight but the fun was still there in the street, with fireworks, songs as the New Year’s Eve.

many other Halloween events

They have organized many events in all The Wales, in Cardiff and surroundings, for example Bodelwyddan Castle, Plas Mawr, The Ghost Walk of Tenby, The Llandaff Ghost Walk, Creepy Cardiff Ghost Tour, Llancalach Fawr Ghost Tours and many others. I wanted to go and see more but I couldn’t.

Sincerely speaking, as I said before, they drink a lot, a great quantity of alcohol, but here there is a government and well determined interests for all the citizens who make any event to be special, as a holiday and this means money and believe me that Wales is not so reach in museums, castles and other tourist places as is England, but I like it very much; anyway I am in UK, and we cannot compare. Romania could not reach their standard of living even their society would not evolve for 100 years. sad, extremely sad…

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