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Mr. Facebook, you celebrate 2 billion users, but I am completely unsatisfied by the buttons/ emoticons available in the bottom bar. I am talking about like, love, haha, wow, sad, angry buttons. If you do something do it well. How could I manage with only 5 emoticons? I have more feelings and I can’t express them using only 5 emoticons. I think it would be better to have only like button, I use it when I like something and I don’t use it when I don’t like it. It would be easier. I know there are many lists of emoticons but every time I need one I waste time looking for it and I am bound to post it as a comment. In the same time I have to choose one of those 5 emoticons in order to appreciate that post in any way. Mr. Facebook, my intention is to use my time efficiently, I want to read more posts, I don’t want wasting my time looking for emoticons. Won’t it be more better for you to put in the bottom bar a button that could open more emoticons? We could choose one of them faster. Below you will find my problems and my opinions.

Facebook’s buttons

sad button

Social media concept

The bad part with the like button was that, sometimes, you had to choose it for a sad or negative message and that was not good. There was no alternative and it was more simple. Finally, you had to choose it in order to prove you read that post, you were interested in what was written there. It’s ok now, I could say, Mr. Facebook, you have solved that problem, but not completely. For example, if someone posts a message about someone’s death, I choose the sad button, but this doesn’t mean that I cry as the emoticon looks. I could be sad without crying, so, I think we need two emoticons, sad with tears and sad without tears.

haha button

This button is, sincerely, very welcome because there are many posts that really make you laugh. But you could improve this situation, Mr. Facebook. For example, there are many posts that make me laugh with tears and I would like to have an emoticon that could express this state. Or, there are posts that make me laugh in this way, haha, but I don’t have this version of emoticon, a smile. And I have to use haha button. It’s not ok, we don’t have the possibility of separating these feelings – smiling, laughing haha, laughing with tears.

love button

Mr. Facebook, love has a special meaning. I know that English language doesn’t offer so many synonyms for love as in Romanian for example. But “love” is a special word and means special feelings. We can’t love anytime, any person. There are people you like, there are little animals you consider very sweetie, you like them, there are people you care very much, but you can’t love everybody, all the animals. We have to choose, to make a distinction. A cute or sweetie button would be a better choice in case of posts or articles with cute and sweetie animals not love button. Sweetie button could be used also in case of persons when it has nothing to do with love. I don’t want to choose love button in case of posts with men. Like button is not proper to express what you feel for that post, love button is too much, so, I need an emoticon that could express what I feel or I want to say in that moment, something between like and love. Mr. Facebook, why don’t you have a kiss button if you have love button? I like sending kisses. Probably we have a problem with the synonyms, the word kiss has different meanings depending on that person’s feelings. So could you make a difference introducing different emoticons?

angry button

This button is pretty comprehensive, but I think we need a fuck button or damn it button. It would be more comprehensive and we could express our whole disagreement concerning that subject. These buttons would be useful in case of politics and politicians.

like button

This button is still the most used one. But also I am not totally satisfied in its case because there are posts I like very much, others less, others are extremely interesting for me and there are others for which I would like to have the possibility of choosing. For me the following buttons would be very useful: admire or respect, interesting, rock. The last one could be used in case of music articles or could express a feeling that could not be described in other way.

wow button

This button is also very useful, we use it quite often, with no difference, in case of scientific posts, cooking posts, useful ideas posts. In case of scientific posts it is ok wow but for cooking posts we need a greedy button. I don’t know it is the best version but sincerely I don’t know other word to express this feeling – excessive desire or appetite for food. And I would like to use the super button in case of useful ideas posts.

These are my problems concerning the use of Facebook. I am thinking it would be a great idea if you, Mr. Facebook, would make a poll among your users to see what people would like concerning emoticons, buttons, etc. and, when you will celebrate 3 billion users, we’ll have a present from you 🙂

If you have read this article, thank you. If not, I know that someone, sooner or later, will have this idea or something like this, and he will put it into practice. I’m waiting 🙂


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