UK, no dog shits and no Bimbo

geanta cu catelBut today I saw one (a shit), really. Sincerely, I don’t know how is possible because I have not seen many dogs since I’ve come here, only about 7 dogs. I don’t know, probably these people do not have pets. There are no dog shits on the streets, I have not seen people with dogs walking on the streets. Sometimes I see a dog at a window on my way to the train station, and rarely I see a man walking his dog.

Besides, all the rent adverts specify ‘no pets’. Don’t they love pets? I have a colleague who lives in Cardiff and I will ask her about this. The fact is, there are no dogs on the streets. How is possible not to see stray dogs on the street? How is possible not to be afraid of walking on the street? Come here, in UK to see how is possible to walk on the street without being afraid of the packs of dogs (who bark you and sometimes bite you on the street- this happens in Romania). 🙂

jogging and cycling

People in the UK, I mean many people, practice jogging, in their rhythm. It is an usual activity; they don’t run because of the barking dogs. They practice cycling too, even it rains, this is not an impediment and there are no dogs who bark at your bicycle. They use the bikes as a mean of transport, they come at the train station by bike, they take it in the train, there is a special place for bicycles at the University and not only here in many other places.

where are the animals?

I haven’t seen cats on the street. There are inside probably, because there are a lot of websites for buying/selling pets, they sell and deliver at home food for pets. I’ve seen shops with food for pets, but I have not seen pets, where are they? There are sites for pets, companies specialized in taking care of dogs and cats, special taxi for those who have dogs, personal trainers for dogs, so there are dogs, but where?

they do not have Bimbo? (Pitzi in Romanian)

In Romania many people buy pets because they are cool, sweet, and they are walking them in Malls and Shopping Centers. I haven’t seen here any Bimbo with a dog in Mall, walking with it in her purse. I haven’t seen any Bimbo. Probably they hide them as they do with the dogs and cats. 🙂 I have found only a Pension Pitzi in Austria. I have found a company Pitzi in Brazil, but no Pitzi shop. Probably I have to try to go in a sunny day in a park, to see if I’ll find there Bimbo girls, dogs, etc.:)

Maybe in weekend, if the weather is good; by the way, for a few days the weather has been better, warmer and not so much rain.

When I will find where are the Bimbo girls, dogs and cats I will tell you. 🙂

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