start a new life

Take a chance to start a new life anytime

start a new life
start a new life

Remember, you are your own master! You do not depend on anyone and anything! Leave the place where you feel the others do not want you anymore, a place you do not belong anymore. I’m talking about home, country, job, husband etc. Don’t stay there anymore because the end is the same, now or later. And this means waste of time. Don’t waste your time! Don’t waste your life for something that doesn’t bring you any benefit. Have the courage and power to leave these things behind you, although many years have passed letting the convenience to be more powerful than your satisfaction of being happy and fulfilled. Keep in mind only the beautiful memories, forget those who hurt your soul and leave the place without looking back. I don’t know if anyone will miss you but, after all, no one and nothing is irreplaceable.

Think about you

Go far away. You are a smart and powerful woman and life will show you that you can have the success you want anytime, anywhere in this world. Go where you feel good, comfortable, don’t think about others, think about you. If you really want something you can have it. It’s not selfishness, we usually live our lives for others or through them. You should live for yourself most part of your life, the others will have their own places in your soul and your concerns.

Try everything, don’t keep the money, only a certain amount that allows you to live decently. Spend the other part of your money travelling, discovering new places, buying what you like most. Nothing matters, you won’t take anything (money, things) when you’ll die. I started a new life in a new place 5 years ago. I had a good business (I did it), but home, car, memories, there is nothing left. I gathered my forces and I succeeded. You know “if life gives you a lemon, try tequila” 🙂 .  Never let the despair and depression take possession of you. Follow your dreams, It will always be a way to have the success you want and if life closes you a door, another one will be opened. Look for it and don’t pass by it.

I cry to release myself. I cry, I sleep, I rest, I wake up a new one, the woman I have to be for myself not for the others.

Start your life again

I started a new life at 50 years old. It wasn’t very easy for me. I cried, I cursed, I cried again, I was lost in day-to-day problems, I cried again, I recovered  because I had to earn money, it was hard, I cried again and I survived. I changed my home, then my country, again my home. I gave up the comfort of my home, an useless comfort, I went to school for a few specialized courses, although I’ve never been in good relations with school (do not confuse, I liked learning 🙂 ). I experienced a lot of things; I prepared and trained myself intensively for another important exam. I did everything I needed to achieve something here. Now I look forward for the exam. And I do it because I like it and I want it for me.

Finally, each individual should decide what is better for him/her. I‘ve chosen what it is better for me personally and I am proud of myself that I’ve had the courage to try something else. I managed to do in these 5 years more than I achieved up to 50 years old.

So, start your life again anytime! There is a place for you somewhere in this world. What you have to do is to look for it, find it and don’t leave it anymore if it is the perfect place for you. Everything depends on our inner power!

These are not only words, if I can, you can too! Everything you have to do is to believe in yourself and don’t give up! You can scream, curse, cry but don’t give up! What it matters is to find the right door for yourself, and YOU are the one who knows the best, as Nietzche Friedrich said “ One must need to be strong, otherwise, one will never become strong”. 


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