Emergency Hospital of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Burns or the former “Steaua” maternity hospital, the place where the inferno begins

Yes, the hospital for burns is the former “Steaua” maternity hospital. I don’t know exactly when, but it doesn’t matter, after 1995, the State has changed the maternity hospital in burn hospital. Is just the same building, but with other medical specialty. I will write a few articles about this subject, you will find the title of the last article at the beginning of each article to see the connection between them. Let’s start. They didn’t have water. A terrible mess The truth is that, in 1992, when I gave birth to my baby, I was there, in that hospital. Shall I tell you how was inside the hospital? First of all, there was no water. NO WATER!!! In a maternity hospital? The hospital was connected to water distribution system but only a few hours per day, someone should have filled all the containers with water in that short period of

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