why cocktailantistress?

Because, as I wrote in the article how to chose a name for your blog, I want to write about everything, a cocktail of subjects concerning what bothers me, what makes me happy or hysterical. I have the impression that, when I am writing, I can unburden my soul, I calm down, I share with you my joys and troubles, so this means anti-stress. Because I am thinking that you enjoy what you read, you can discover that you are not the only one who has problems or unpleasant experiences. This could be an anti-stress for you too. Cocktail because I will write stories, epigrams, dialogues, opinions about music, people, me and my friends, enemies, colleagues, neighbours, etc. I will laugh with you, I will cry, I will talk civilized or using curses, I will tell you good and bad jokes, I will be here with you, listening your opinions.

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