any kind of signs

Pay attention to signs!

Yes, pay attention to any kind of signs! Starting with the punctuation marks that could make a big difference between what you want to say and what the others understand, then the nature signs, or subconscious signs and so on; then we can talk about other signs, those that are or not sent to you. Haven’t you ever been in a situation when you thought someone was coming to you but in fact you weren’t the target person? 🙂 Or haven’t you ever thought someone was making a sign to you (hello from head or hand) and you answered to that sign in any kind, although you weren’t the target person? 🙂 But if we are thinking of men and their imagination, when they are seeing a woman, a very beautiful and attractive woman, and it seems she is making signs, any kind of signs, their imagination immediately starts heating

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driving in the UK

I love and I admire British people and my respect for them has increased a lot since I’ve started driving here. I have noticed, as pedestrian, that the drivers do not use the horns very much, no loud stereo music from cars as you hear everywhere in Romania, no curses. I am sorry to say it, but that’s reality. Here, in UK, I‘ve heard the sound of horns 4 times in a year, how do you find it? To be honestly I honk in traffic in Romania. But I honk because I hate and I get nervous when I see those jerks who don’t wait at a traffic light, those uncivilized drivers trying to bypass the traffic queue although they don’t have an emergency. I am able to hit my car in order not to let them in front of me when I am in a traffic queue. I know

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