Mihela Radulescu

From my point of view Mihaela is, above all, an extraordinary woman. And I say that not only because I have been invited to several TV shows hosted by her (I was in backstage), but also because I witnessed  a video shooting directed by her, having the opportunity of talking to her in her room, on backstage. And I saw Mihaela Radulescu as she is, as human been, not only as TV personality. the TV shows I cannot say I’ve outlined an opinion about her after those TV shows. What I noticed, with no doubt, was her flawless body, very beautiful, that beauty of strong people, those who know what they want, who have succeeded in life; with a short dialogue, strictly on subject, very direct and firm in the same time. She has a very beautiful body, sculpted at the gym, sincerely I think she has exaggerated with her

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