how much does it cost the student life in the UK – the food

I will write every time I have the occasion: send your children to study abroad, especially in the UK. Why UK? Because this country is known all over the world, the faculty is not paid, there are no fees in many countries, for example, UK, Denmark, etc, if we are talking about the 1st faculty, if it is the second one or master or MBA, you pay, but not the school only the transport, meal, accommodation. how much does it cost the food per month for a student in the UK If you are smart you can find good food at a reasonable price, I am talking about the products that expire in 2 days. Do not worry, you can find supermarkets everywhere, at least 2 supermarkets on a distance of about 500 meters. I have one in the corner, the next one Tesco Express and Sainsbury’s at 500 meters

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