Jennifer Lopez

July 24th ,1969 – Jennifer Lopez’s birthday

I can’t say that Jennifer Lopez or J Lo 🙂  has an amazing voice, but she is extremely sexy, beautiful, she looks wonderful for her age. And she is the one who removed the skinny woman myth: no butt, no boobs; she has a sexy butt that has been so controversial over the time. And although her voice is not amazing, she has a comprehensive discography, many hits and a song that I love so much, “Que Hiciste”. I would go to one of her concerts only for this song 🙂 enjoy! 🙂 you can read more about music at the category interesting birthdays 🙂 see you soon! 🙂

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21st of April – The Queen’s Birthday

my words don’t make any sense. I choose some relevant articles and videos from The Telegraph. they did a really great job. just read and watch! you can see why does the Queen has two birthdays; Queen’s 90th birthday: when is it and how will it be celebrated?; the  Queen’s birthday: 90 years in 90 seconds or 8 things you didn’t know about the Queen. Happy Birthday! I am grateful that I have the opportunity to live in the U.K. image source

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