UK, no dog shits and no Bimbo

But today I saw one (a shit), really. Sincerely, I don’t know how is possible because I have not seen many dogs since I’ve come here, only about 7 dogs. I don’t know, probably these people do not have pets. There are no dog shits on the streets, I have not seen people with dogs walking on the streets. Sometimes I see a dog at a window on my way to the train station, and rarely I see a man walking his dog. Besides, all the rent adverts specify ‘no pets’. Don’t they love pets? I have a colleague who lives in Cardiff and I will ask her about this. The fact is, there are no dogs on the streets. How is possible not to see stray dogs on the street? How is possible not to be afraid of walking on the street? Come here, in UK to see how

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