The song of the potatoes or the anthem of the potatoes

happy potato

No one can deny the influence of the potatoes on our life and diet 🙂 We all love potatoes no matter how they are cooked: fried French fries – the most known and loved potatoes, boiled and mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, oven roasted potatoes. There are hundreds of recipes with potatoes. The rustic potatoes and au gratin potatoes are very tasteful. There are many potato recipes with vegetables. The moussaka is appreciated very much. The list is long, you can write comments at this article sending me recipes with potatoes. In the UK, there is another loved recipe: Jacket Potato: baked potato filled with cheese, baked beans, tuna and mayonnaise, chilli con carne and many others, depending on your taste. People like baked tornado potato, mashed potatoes-on-a-stick, chips, those delicious chips, unhealthy but eaten by most of the people. Children love potatoes, especially the fried ones. This is reality – good or bad 🙂

There are diets with boiled or baked potatoes, in certain combinations (not too many). I will write this diet in the recipes section next days. Just follow me to see what is new. Also, if you like this blog and my stories you can go to the English category and you can find many more articles. Some of them are funny, some are about Romania, about the UK and my experience of living here and many other interesting topics  Enjoy! 🙂

Now, returning to the potatoes which are so much loved by people. I’ve found out the potatoes have also a song, it’s an anthem from my point of view. It’s so nice and it makes me feel good every time I listen it. It’s not so stupid, it’s an elaborated and well-done song. So, enjoy yourself! 🙂


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