shopping in Cardiff – part II

pounlandToday I’ll tell you about Poundland.

I don’t know how I’ve forgotten the first time I’ve written about shopping to mention Poundland or Poundworld.  As its name says anything you buy is 1 Pound or 1£ (GBP). Call it whatever you want. There are 2 Poundland and 1 Poundworld in Cardiff, in the area where I live. Poundland chain has more stores than Poundworld, they sell almost the same things, except for a few differences. When I want to buy something I go to all the 3 stores and it is almost impossible not to find what I want even in one store  🙂

What do you find in these stores? Just about anything you want, less clothing. There are only a few things for kids: socks, gloves etc. Cosmetics: all kinds of cosmetics, deodorants, hair dye products, perfumes not originals but the design of the boxes and the bottles are the same, their dimension, color, at first glance you don’t realize they imitate the original. I’ve told imitation not fake 🙂  They have all kind of nail polishes, many colors, with glitter or not, nail acetone, nail accessories, masks for hands (I tried them and they are ok), hand/ face/body creams, scrub, shower gels, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair spray, hair foam, toothpastes, toothbrushes, face/foot masks, etc. the idea is you will find anything you want. They have Nivea, Johnson-Johnson, Gillette, Colgate, Oral-B, Listerine, etc, this is the level, but they are OK. They have also a hand cream with argan oil, I’ve tried it and it is good for skin. And it is not the only one. This is the one I’ve tried.

I won’t list all the products of each category, you can find also baby items, detergents, cleaning products. They don’t have brooms, mops, but you can find something good for cleaning your house. They have also all kind of items for kitchen, Jane Asher’s Kitchen, at 1 pound. I’ve bought from this store everything I need in my kitchen: forks, spoons, knives, dessert spoons, 2 ceramic bowls, oven tray, plastic casseroles set (3 pieces), wooden spoons, cups, glasses, plates. They don’t have woks, pots and pans.

Let’s get back to our list : clothes organizers and storage, home accessories, candles, Halloween and Christmas decorations (for this period: October – December), kids decorations for birthday  parties, garden decorations and products, grill accessories, food but not food that need to be refrigerated, biscuits, snacks, instant soups and cans, sausages and pastas, rice, etc.; animal food, animal toys, leashes, etc.; stationery items. I’ve bought a calculator for all kind of calculations, because it is easier for me to use it instead of the phone or laptop. I like it. They have also CDs, DVDs, accessories for mobile phone, laptop and TV, a few toys, I don’t know, many useful and no useful items 🙂

The idea is that you can find here almost anything you need for home when you are new in town, at a price of only 1 pound, especially when you rent an apartment and you don’t have everything  you need. I recommend these stores for souvenirs, when you return home and you want to buy something for friends. There are useful items and they have good prices. I sincerely recommend Poundland but next weeks I will give you information about others stores with all kind of stuff for home; you can visit them there is something you don’t find at Poundland or Pouundworld 🙂

This is a Poundland Tour I’ve found on internet, it is for you to get an idea about how good and useful are these stores 🙂

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