any kind of signs

Pay attention to signs!

any kind of signs
any kind

Yes, pay attention to any kind of signs! Starting with the punctuation marks that could make a big difference between what you want to say and what the others understand, then the nature signs, or subconscious signs and so on; then we can talk about other signs, those that are or not sent to you. Haven’t you ever been in a situation when you thought someone was coming to you but in fact you weren’t the target person? 🙂 Or haven’t you ever thought someone was making a sign to you (hello from head or hand) and you answered to that sign in any kind, although you weren’t the target person? 🙂

But if we are thinking of men and their imagination, when they are seeing a woman, a very beautiful and attractive woman, and it seems she is making signs, any kind of signs, their imagination immediately starts heating up, going crazy (but they are sweet, sympathetic) and one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen is coming out! 🙂 enjoy!  🙂

The boy with pizza is always welcomed! 🙂

You can find good or less good 🙂 commercials on this blog. Probably I will make a separate category: “commercials” and I will put together all these articles. But I don’t have yet a great number of this kind of articles to make a new category so I could gather them in another category: “jokes”, and I will change the name of this category in “jokes and commercials”. I’ll see. but until I “ll decide, you can still look at super advert. I hope you’ll like it 🙂


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