Elton John

March 25th, 1947 Elton John’s birthday

As I like it, I’m trying to find new and special things about the artists I’m writing about. Some things are familiar to me, some are new. Today it’s about Sir Elton John. In 1979, Elton was the first Western rock star who performed in both countries Israel and USSR. Before using the name Elton, he failed his lead vocalist auditions for King Crimson, they chose Emerson, Lake & Palmer(Greg Lake – founder). He helped Eminem to fight his drug problems; It was unlikely that two opposite personalities to become good friends. They performed together Eminem’s song “Stan” at 2001 Grammy Awards; later on, Eminem recognized that Sir Elton helped him to get off the drug addiction. Eminem admitted to having a problem with prescription drugs and was treated for a near-fatal methadone overdose. As we all know, Elton is famous for his collaborations with many artists. In 1993 he released the album “Duets”; the

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trecerea timpului

viata e scurta, foarte scurta

cred ca nimic niciodata nu a reusit sa sugereze si sa exemplifice mai bine faptul ca viata este foarte  scurta asa cum a reusit acest videoclip. si pana la urma ca este vorba despre orice din ceea ce ti se poate intampla intr-o viata, ca este vorba de cat iubim, de cat ne distram, de cat ne plimbam, de cat ne jucam, de cat exploram, de cat experimentam, intotdeauna pare sa fie prea putin, sau mai putin decat ne dorim. intotdeauna, mai ales la un anumit moment viata ajunge sa ni se para scurta, foarte scurta. totusi, cred ca este important sa te simti bine cu tine, sa-ti placa ceea ce faci, iar daca nu-ti place sa ai niste compensatii atat de motivante incat sa nu-ti pese ca nu e chiar ceea ce-ti doresti. sau sa reusesti sa faci cat mai mult din ceea ce-ti place si-ti aduce multumire si

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March 14th, 1879 Albert Einstein ’s birthday

It’s pointless to tell you now that Einstein was the one who developed the theory of relativity and one of the most important scientists, but I could tell you that he influenced Yoda’s aspect in Star Wars. Because I don’t want to borrow you, I let you here some interesting things, probably less known by most of us, about Albert Einstein the genius. childhood: due to the fact that he was born with a large and irregular shaped head, he was considered a deformed child. But, although after a few weeks, the size of his head was normal, he was always considered as having a mental abnormality, he had speech problems before the age of 9 years (he had hard time pronouncing words, he said a sentence only in the moment he was absolutely sure of pronouncing it correctly, all that process was happening in his mind). He was considered a mentally retarded child

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March the 4th,1678 –  Antonio Vivaldi’s birthday

Vivaldi I’ve chosen March the 4th and Antonio Vivaldi because it seems important to me to try keeping the culture and values alive, to preserve them. Probably, there are young people who are reading my blog and I think that, if they don’t have musical studies, they don’t know much about Vivaldi or other personalities. They will learn something from my blog and they will enjoy this experience. At the end of this article you will find a video with David Garrett and his song “Summer”. He is a special guy from my point of view. In Romania, there is only one class of music per week and pupils don’t learn the history of music, the personalities, they don’t listen classical music, they don’t know the true value of music. They learn musical notes and measures, how to write them on a stave, but those that are not interested in

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Fava Grecească

Fava grecească este ceva absolut extraordinar, mai ales când stai prost cu timpul și bine cu lintea. Adică te scoate din foame într-un fel absolut delicios și rapid, atunci când nu ai ingrediente proaspete, dar te bazezi pe ce găsești prin cămară. Sau când ai nevoie de „comfort food”. Ah, da, și este nemaipomenită când vrei să guști puțin (și sănătos) din gustul Greciei. Fava grecească merge ca atare sau cu o bucată suculentă de friptură de capră. Este incredibil de simplă, de gustoasă și de sățioasă. Fava grecească Fiind o mâncare cu ingrediente puține, recomandarea noastră este să le alegeți să fie de foarte bună calitate. Adică luați un ulei de măsline bun și capere murate cum trebuie.  Categorie Fel principal  Specific Grecesc, Vegan  Timp de preparare 5 minute  Timp de gatire 25 minute  Portii  persoane INGREDIENTE 250 g linte roșie sau galbenă (atenție să fie din cea care fierbe ușor) 1/3 cană ulei de măsline extravirgin 2 buc. ceapă să fie

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March the 1st and the tradition of mărţişor

I’m not used to sending this kind of messages, I find them childish. But today it‘s March the 1st and I make an exception. I send you a funny message for the first day of this spring. Besides, here, in UK, I don’t find any mărţişor and the only way of wishing you a beautiful and happy spring is this message. In UK the weather is not so good these days, it’s raining and the wind is blowing, it’s a perfect moment for things that characterizes me less, but makes me smile anytime I read them 🙂 I’ve found out on the internet a few interesting things about mărţişor. For example, it is an over 8000 years old Romanian tradition, the first things found were some amulets (red and white pebbles arranged alternatively in a string) worn at the neck. I read also “the legends of mărţişor. One day, the

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The song of the potatoes or the anthem of the potatoes

No one can deny the influence of the potatoes on our life and diet 🙂 We all love potatoes no matter how they are cooked: fried French fries – the most known and loved potatoes, boiled and mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, oven roasted potatoes. There are hundreds of recipes with potatoes. The rustic potatoes and au gratin potatoes are very tasteful. There are many potato recipes with vegetables. The moussaka is appreciated very much. The list is long, you can write comments at this article sending me recipes with potatoes. In the UK, there is another loved recipe: Jacket Potato: baked potato filled with cheese, baked beans, tuna and mayonnaise, chilli con carne and many others, depending on your taste. People like baked tornado potato, mashed potatoes-on-a-stick, chips, those delicious chips, unhealthy but eaten by most of the people. Children love potatoes, especially the fried ones. This is reality –

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doliu pentru Romania

ieri, Romania a murit definitiv. si nu cred sa mai existe ceva s-o resusciteze. Romania e la fel de anchilozata si de distrusa ca majoritatea sistemelor. si aici ma refer la sistemul de invatamant, la sistemul sanitar, cultura, transporturi s.a.. singurul sistem care mai functiona era acest DNA, desi nici acesta nu avea cine stie ce eficienta. oricum l-au bagat si  pe asta in coma. Romania nu mai e in coma profunda, n-o sa-si mai revina in veci. Romania a murit… definitiv avem de ingropat o tara desi eu nu mai credeam de mult ca se mai poate intampla ceva bun in Romania, sunt profund dezamagita si trista. sunt trista ca si cum mi-ar fi murit cineva drag, foarte drag. pana la urma, azi am inteles de ce era nevoie de catedrala neamului, aveam de ingropat o tara… nu ma mai gandesc de  mult la politica, pentru ca oricat ar

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start a new life

Take a chance to start a new life anytime

Remember, you are your own master! You do not depend on anyone and anything! Leave the place where you feel the others do not want you anymore, a place you do not belong anymore. I’m talking about home, country, job, husband etc. Don’t stay there anymore because the end is the same, now or later. And this means waste of time. Don’t waste your time! Don’t waste your life for something that doesn’t bring you any benefit. Have the courage and power to leave these things behind you, although many years have passed letting the convenience to be more powerful than your satisfaction of being happy and fulfilled. Keep in mind only the beautiful memories, forget those who hurt your soul and leave the place without looking back. I don’t know if anyone will miss you but, after all, no one and nothing is irreplaceable. Think about you Go far

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una dintre cele mai bune piese

inca o data, parerea mea 🙂 . insa am o dilema, am doua piese care imi plac foarte mult, dar niciodata nu am reusit sa spun daca asta imi place cel mai mult sau cealalta. cred ca depinde foarte mult de starea pe care o am cand le ascult. aseara, gandindu-ma ca n-am mai postat de mult muzica si tot baletand pe youtube, mi-a aparut piesa asta. n-am mai ascultat-o de mult pentru ca ma aduce intr-o stare de tristete spre plans si am cam multa treaba zilele astea, nu prea am timp de plans 🙂 dar am dat de ea si n-am putut sa nu ma opresc asupra ei. nu e o inregistrare foarte buna, e live de la concertul sustinut la TNB in 2011, dar e cea mai actuala pe care am gasit-o. gasiti si variante mai vechi, precum si clipul oficial, dar eu am preferat-o pe aceasta

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