Mother’s Day in Cardiff

mum's dayActually, I wrote this story last year on Mother’s Day (at the Romanian section). The only thing I’ve changed is the period of celebrating. Last year, Mother’s Day was on March 15th and this year was yesterday, on  6th of March. I consider that the Mother’s Day is celebrating at the beginning of March, on a Sunday. Yesterday I did almost the same things that I did last year, with the difference that I did’t use the train 🙂  so, enjoy! 🙂

In UK is celebrating Mother’s Day, a funny idea for me as mother, but it seems to be the same day as March 8th in Romania, the difference is that in UK is Mother’s day, not Woman’s day. There are different dates in the world for celebrating Mother’s day but March 8th is the International Woman’s day, celebrated in the ex-communist countries. I prefer Woman’s day, Mother’s day seems to me a little discrimination, all the women deserve to be celebrated not only those who are moms, there are many women who have not the chance of being moms, don’t they deserve to be celebrated? There are countries where people celebrate both women and moms.

Many funny things with message

The idea is that I have been to Cardiff today in the center, on Queen Street, I have thought there are a few events, but I haven’t found anything or I haven’t known the exact places. I have seen some adverts for 2 weeks, posters anywhere regarding Mother’s day, greeting cards, message teddy bears, cookies, all kind of this staff, offers at spa centers, restaurants, bars, but only this, nothing else. I have thought people celebrate in the center, cheerfulness, something like holiday, but nothing different than an usual Sunday.

I could not take the train because, as they had announced since Friday, (I had forgotten) it was  technical inspection, I remembered when I arrived the station and I saw the announcement, so I walked 20 minutes and I arrived in the area where the shops are, Queen Street, it was ok, no rain, a pleasure for me to walk.

Shopping at Primark

This shopping center is excellent from my point of view, they have all kind of things and the prices are very good, and now it’s the discount period, and the discounts are real in UK. For example, a pair of tights 1.5 GBP, jeggings 4 GBP, T-shirts and blouses between  3-6 GBP, jeans 6-8 GBP, etc, the price is half reduced. In fact, it is clearance ( discount of discount), and you can find good things at more than affordable prices; and you can find all the measures, by the way, here I buy L for me. They have bigger measures. I don’t feel like an elephant as in Romania where the sales assistants tell me that they don’t have big measures. In Romania L does not fit for me, even XL sometimes, and believe me the overweight rate is not bigger than in Romania, or this is my opinion considering people I see on the street every day. So, I felt very good at shopping, I bought only a few things, but I found something pretty for a friend of mine, a few things for my god daughter and I didn’t spend a lot of money. I ate at a restaurant their traditional pie with kidney, it is delicious, and than I took the train at 17.00. I felt very good and I made my day beautiful although I didn’t find any events celebrating Mother’s Day.

I’ll receive flowers on March 8th  🙂 


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