Mihela Radulescu

Cel mai tare moment de la ROMANII AU TALENT din 4 martie 2016. Mihaela Radulescu a apasat Butonul de Aur!From my point of view Mihaela is, above all, an extraordinary woman. And I say that not only because I have been invited to several TV shows hosted by her (I was in backstage), but also because I witnessed  a video shooting directed by her, having the opportunity of talking to her in her room, on backstage. And I saw Mihaela Radulescu as she is, as human been, not only as TV personality.

the TV shows

I cannot say I’ve outlined an opinion about her after those TV shows. What I noticed, with no doubt, was her flawless body, very beautiful, that beauty of strong people, those who know what they want, who have succeeded in life; with a short dialogue, strictly on subject, very direct and firm in the same time. She has a very beautiful body, sculpted at the gym, sincerely I think she has exaggerated with her muscles, but honestly speaking, I would like to be criticized because of my muscles sculpted at the gym 🙂 Anyway, in my opinion she is impeccable, physically speaking and also in terms of her behavior towards people (artists, producers, machinists, anyone). And now, is also impeccable 🙂

shooting a video

I stayed more than 16 hours around her, I had been already in her totally admiration 🙂 I would like to meet more often people so dedicated and involved in what they do as she is. Maybe I haven’t had the chance of meeting too many people, only a few of those who I know (probably I could count them on the fingers of one of my hands) could rise to her standards.  I talk about commitment and dedication. There are a lot of people involved, but only if they have an interest, more or less visible; or people who help you when you have problems, they are nice and compassionate, but nothing more. They enjoy together with you. But only a few people really dedicated (those who read this article and know me, could guess what I mean) 🙂

But let’s get back to Mihaela. She looked gorgeous, her clothes were adequate to work on set, with a discreet make-up, with her hair caught in a cool cap, Combat pants (not that type of pants that highlights the body shapes), T-shirt and boots. Very cool. Her clothes didn’t have any brand at sight (certainly were not bought from Obor shopping area), they were discreet and refined. My admiration towards her person raised when I saw her in front of me and continued to raise during the whole day because of her professional way of working. She had the same firm and direct way of working as I saw during the TV shows. Besides, Mihaela made that video with her budget, using her relationships for renting the studios, the equipment, the lights, all those things necessary for shooting a video, the extras too; many people involved in  that video as extras.

At that time, what Mihaela did represented a great and welcomed help for that music band. They faded into obscurity due to causes beyond their control.  Mihaela helped them very much with that video managing to attract the public attention. Mihaela’s behavior was exemplary, from the professional and human point of view.

Mihaela’s room on backstage

I talked to her about the TV show we were following to make the video award. She was very angry. I didn’t say anything. She talked to me firmly (our relationship was not very close at that moment, but not so distant and cold after the hours spent together during the video shooting) then she went on the stage to continue her TV show. I realized that something wrong had happened, although no one had told me anything. I decided to wait until the end of the TV show in order to approach her directly. I liked her, so I decided not to let things unsolved between us. My suspicions came true. She was extremely angry. But I won’t give any details or names here, on my blog, because it is not a gossip blog.

She told me clearly why she was angry and she expressed her bitterness and disappointment about what had happened. I was so ashamed of what had happened, although it had not been my fault, but I was a representative of her anger. Nobody had prevented me before. I was unaware of what had happened. I listened her in silence (Mihaela is that type of person you cannot interrupt when she talks) 🙂 , thinking how could I try to alleviate the discomfort created by the circumstances. I do not want to blame anyone, but from my point of view at that moment Mihaela was right 1000% and her words didn’t represent something new for me (I don’t want to contradict myself, I had no clue about that situation, but the descriptions were known by me from past). It was very hard to counteract her, I didn’t have arguments, but we hugged at the end of the discussion. She promised to me she would try not to put her soul anymore. And so it was. Mihaela is not a spiteful woman. If I were in her place, I would have reacted tougher than she did it and I would not have forgotten. Mihaela forgot that incident or she behaved as if she would have forgotten 🙂 I noticed that thing after a while, when I heard that she was involved in other projects helping again other people. I haven’t met her since then (about 10 years have passed); probably she doesn’t remember me anymore, I am not a person who likes to stand out, but I have continued to watch her at TV with the same admiration.

model of altruism

For me it is hypocritical and totally unfounded criticizing and judging a person you don’t know. Mihaela is an example of altruism. Is any problem if she has more muscles than it should be normal (“normal” is a relative notion), if she posts on her personal facebook page things that do not please all, if she lives in Monte Carlo, if she makes show at “Romanii au talent”, if ….it doesn’t matter. For some people (especially women) it is very hard to look in a mirror and then see Mihaela’s body, for some people grapes are sour. Mihaela is primarily a show woman, her role is to make show and attract the audience attention; and she does it so well that many people are pissed off and criticize her person and work.

For me, Mihaela is a special person and she will remain special although she will do crazy things. Everyone is free of having a personal opinion, but why are so important the appearances?

I am sorry I haven’t had the opportunity of telling Mihaela how much I admire her person. Who knows, maybe one day? 🙂

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