March the 1st and the tradition of mărţişor

martisorI’m not used to sending this kind of messages, I find them childish. But today it‘s March the 1st and I make an exception. I send you a funny message for the first day of this spring. Besides, here, in UK, I don’t find any mărţişor and the only way of wishing you a beautiful and happy spring is this message. In UK the weather is not so good these days, it’s raining and the wind is blowing, it’s a perfect moment for things that characterizes me less, but makes me smile anytime I read them 🙂

I’ve found out on the internet a few interesting things about mărţişor. For example, it is an over 8000 years old Romanian tradition, the first things found were some amulets (red and white pebbles arranged alternatively in a string) worn at the neck.

I read also “the legends of mărţişor. One day, the Sun decided to come down in the form of a girl to join the village dance. Upon seeing this, a dragon kidnapped her and kept her in a dungeon. The world was very sad. The birds stopped singing, rivers stopped flowing and the children stopped laughing. A brave man decided to rescue the sun. So, he found the dragon’s castle and they fought many days until he defeated the dragon and the sun was released. Some drops of blood drained onto the white snow (red and white) and the snow drops, the first spring flowers, began to bloom in those places. It’s a nice, brief story. I read it with pleasure. Actually I like reading stories and I like watching cartoons too 🙂

Ladies, I wish you a nice spring full of joy and warm sunshine every day. I’ll wait for you again! 🙂

And now, the poem from the picture:

“So many spines a hedgehog has

So many small joys you have.

So many greens are

So lust for life you have.

The red thread of love

The white thread of happiness,

Warmly woven in your soul,

Will make your days full.

A swallow will bring you now

A mărţişor fix with glue and hedgehog ‘spines”

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