I know nothing about blog

nu stiu nimic despre blog, dar invat euDon’t laugh. I am ignorant. I’ve thought I should write about what had happened to me in past, what happens today, what I expect for tomorrow, life stories, warts and all, treacheries, sex. I should enjoy the moment and not be angry anymore, I should love, hate, be courageous, fear, the rhymes of Adrian Paunescu “Totusi, iubirea” (still, the love). in my opinion, just listen without seeing the images (sorry, I don’t think that is relevant for you, but I translated the blog post from Romanian).

I know nothing about a blog, I know what I would like to write here, I like telling stories, I would like to succeed in convincing you to visit my blog, but I know I need your help, you should read my articles and comment  the subjects, giving me advice, criticizing me, tell me if it is ok what I am doing here.

I am waiting for you. I open the door, please come in! 🙂

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