how much does it cost the student life in the UK – the food

Universityof South WalesI will write every time I have the occasion: send your children to study abroad, especially in the UK. Why UK? Because this country is known all over the world, the faculty is not paid, there are no fees in many countries, for example, UK, Denmark, etc, if we are talking about the 1st faculty, if it is the second one or master or MBA, you pay, but not the school only the transport, meal, accommodation.

how much does it cost the food per month for a student in the UK

If you are smart you can find good food at a reasonable price, I am talking about the products that expire in 2 days. Do not worry, you can find supermarkets everywhere, at least 2 supermarkets on a distance of about 500 meters. I have one in the corner, the next one Tesco Express and Sainsbury’s at 500 meters distance, near the train station; at about 800 meters distance from my house, there is a Lidl. There are various supermarkets, there is no point to cook, it costs more and the young people, when leaving home, do not know how to cook. But they can take precooked or cooked food, I’ve found a supermarket with Romanian food products, but I haven’t bought because I eat this type of food when I go to Romania. I like tasting new things, from all over the world and what is reduced too. I do not have problems with this, as other Romanians have. They have claims; in Romania people buy food excessively. With a budget of 150 GBP/month/person, you can live decently, eating cooked food, fruits, vegetables, drinking a beer/juice, by the way, you do not have to buy water. I like drinking sparkling water, but here the tap water is so good. In Romania I have 2 filters at home, one for the water pipe and one for the tap water in the kitchen, and although I have these 2 filters, I drink sparkling water. If you make a calculation, it is a great economy. You can find at a reduced price the meat; I buy and cook it for 2 or 3 lunches.

cafeteria for students

Within this budget of 150 GBP I eat two times a week at the cafeteria, inside the University campus. There are many places inside the University campus where you can eat, but there is only one place where you can find soup and cooked food. I will tell you a few things about this cafeteria, where you can find food; there is a salad bar in the middle and another place where you can find soups and baked potatoes; if you want, there are also sweets; the drinks are on the edge, on the one side of the cafeteria. The cooked food  is on the other side; I have never found the same dish two times, only the soups, that don’t have a very good taste. If I want to eat a good soup I prepare it at home. I have ‘bors magic’ from Romania and the soup is very good, not the same as that made with real “bors” but it is better than their soups. Then, you go and pay. Usually I take a dish and a sweet; yesterday I ate a good sweet, something like a fluffy aerated sponge with warm vanilla sauce, delicious, not very sweet. Shall I tell you about cleaning? Impeccable, the water do not drip on the trays, they have plastic and metal cutlery, salt, pepper, and vinegar. Each person throws away the leftovers, no one lets the garbage on the table, although they are students of 19 maximum 27 years old (I am unique considering the age), coming from all over the world, different cultures and education. The garbage is recycled in special containers and everybody takes into account and put the plastic and the paper at the right place. There is nothing special, it is a civilized place where you can eat, a lunch costs 4 GBP and you eat very well; besides, you can find the menu every day on the University website and you can check and choose if you eat there or you take something from the supermarket in the morning. There is also a Starbucks coffee corner, where you can stay until your next course. the prices are the same as in our country.

I will give you another example, today I bought something from Tesco , sweet & sour chicken with egg fried rice, oriental, – the description on the box, – a very good food, only 1,8 GBP. I heated it and it was ready in a few minutes, a big portion, enough for me. I had also a pear taken from Tesco too (0,79 GBP/7  medium pears).

I am not a skimped person, but I haven’t come in England to eat at restaurants (this is for holiday), I’ve come here to live, as real as possible, the life of a student, to do my job.

Think about this- you still have time to apply for the next University year, it begins in September 🙂

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