how I’ve decided to have a blog

anonimat pe blogThe idea of having a blog came to me long time ago, but the decision of starting it I took when I divorced. I hate so much that man and I want to shout loudly all the bad things he had made me. Normally, I believe in solving the problems by yourself, with your family, but, when there is a risk of getting suffocating, when you are in that moment when you don’t trust anyone and anything, you think it’s better to tell others.

I’ve decided to be an anonymous person, it’s better for the moment. Obviously, most of you will know my identity when I will send links and read my articles. This is want I want because in other case the category “The Deceased”, will be nonsense.

About me

Generally I am an understanding person and pacifist. I accept many things, I overlook a lot of things, some people profit by this decently, others more than I could accept and in that moment I become nervous and bad. After that moment I try to calm down and think what could I do for that person to pay for his behavior? I know you will say that everybody receives what he deserves, but a little help is useful sometimes. This doesn’t happen very often. Only with the deceased and maybe another time, I will tell you about this too. When I feel that I am not on the same wavelength with somebody I try to get out of my life that person. If I cannot do it completely, I try to avoid him as much as I can. But in case of him, the deceased, I couldn’t. We were married for 25 years and I thought that if we had communicated until then, we could continue in that way. It was complicated for me to take everything from the beginning. We had a business together. Very difficult. Patience. I will tell you everything in articles with suggestive titles.

And about you

I will keep you anonymous in all my articles. I will use nicknames, letters from your names, or from the place where you work, depending on how I decide or seems ok for me.

In any case, please, read my articles, I want to write about many things I know, I hope my experience will help others or at least will amuse you. Or as the blog title says: to be an anti-stress for you. You will enjoy because I want to make fun of trouble, I will try to make my story fun, especially that regarding my 25 years marriage/ shit, I will tell everything thinking of that persons who will recognize themselves in my articles, especially my deceased and… me.

There are no rules in love and in war.


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