Cardiff, the city with four seasons in one day

Yes, I’ve been living in Cardiff for 1 month and I will stay here for a while. I love it. I do things that at home I have never thought to do, for example, I walk more than at home where I have a car, and believe me, I don’t have any pain, back pain, feet pain, nothing. I like it very much. If I have to travel by train or bus only 1 station I prefer to walk and I am surprised too of my choice.

sun, hail and rain

Let’s back to topic. When I go to school, University of South Wales, in the morning, the sun is shining, I think to myself I have to go back home and take my sunglasses, but it is late and I give up, I don’t want to miss the train. I travel 3 or 4 stations, I get off the train at Treforest, I walk a few steps and it starts the hail, I continue my way and I arrive in the campus where it is sun and wind, a strong wind; after the first course I go to the library, it is a torrential rain outside, when leaving the library, sun again; during the next course, you can not see at 1 meter distance because of the hail.

no mud on the streets

Today, one of the rare days when it doesn’t rain (about 5 days of no rain since I’ve arrived in Cardiff); it’s hard to believe but the rain does not bother me at all. Do you know why? Because there are no puddles on the streets. I have no clue how it is possible. And if there are no puddles, the drivers do not drop you from head to toes; there is no mud here (I thing they do not know what means mud), the streets are so clean, you are clean too, only a little wet, (although you have an umbrella, the wind is strong); How they can be so clean? The only snag is I have to be careful every day not to forget the umbrella at home, but I keep it on my bag and I use it in need.

When I’ve arrived here I’ve sincerely hoped that I will find many defects at these people, but time have passed and I have realized that what I’ve thought before is true, namely, Romania means losing time. I am sorry, I have never thought to leave my country, (as many people did during communism) but sincerely, I had to do it long time ago.

I’ll give you some links to see what I am talking about, I will tell you many things, so many that I do not know how to separate them in order not to become a mess 🙂

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