back to school, student at 50 years old

he big idea diagram on crumpled paper backgroundYes, as you read, I am student at 50 years old. It is an unique experience. But not in our country, in our education system, where everybody (colleagues and teachers) would have staring at you, asking you a lot of questions. Yes, I had the courage and I enrolled in a master in UK and, although I’ve had many doubts, I do not speak English very well, I’ve had to leave behind the comfort offered by my home, I haven’t known if I would be able to learn, to get accustomed to their education system (do not forget that I did a communist school) , I did it. It is a challenge that so far I can say that satisfies me completely. Don’t think it is easy, but not too hard for me. Here everything works according to certain rules, very well established, everybody has to follow them. It is not perfect, every system has its defects, but here, everything is minimized. People are quiet, they do not run like crazy, things are done quietly, I have never seemed marginalized, everybody is kind, benevolent and helpful, but never breaking the rules. I was a little scared at the beginning, in their education system the essays are a priority. Since then I have been written only 2 essays , one for my application at this master, and one for the language exam, but nobody gets upset if you ask, nobody considers you fool if you haven’t understood something, anyway this is a matter of education. Unlike them, our education in Romania is based on the expression: the neighbor’s goat, too, must die… Maybe I could write endlessly but I don’t want to bore you.

experience for yourself

As I said in another article, experience for yourself, and I do not refer here only from the sex point of view, experience anything you can, do not give up, anything you try could bring you satisfaction, do not refuse anything. If I have given you any thought, you could apply by yourself or you could ask for help, I strongly recommend Study Abroad Advising Center, a young team with many connections in UK (and other countries) and you can ask for an advice in order to make a good choice. Please send your children in UK, the government has a good program to sustain the students. I do not want to give incorrect information so, call the company Study Abroad Advising Center if you have financial possibilities, do not hesitate and send your children to study in UK.

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